Control Your Website

While it’s tempting to hand technical tasks over to the person working on a website for you, please be careful that you’re not unintentionally losing control of your own services. We’ve worked with clients who had a hard time updating their website, because they’d given over the reins to a developer and didn’t have access to the accounts needed to move or update the website.

What to keep in your control:

Your Domain
If you allow someone else to register a domain for you, they will ultimately be in control of your website and your email. Purchase your domain yourself, know when it’s set to expire, and be sure to renew it on time.
Your Content
Make sure you have control over your content as it the most important part of the website. To do this you will need a website CMS.

A website CMS allows you to add and edit content using a graphic user interface right inside your website to make site updates from any internet-connected computer. Tendenci's easy CMS allows your team to add new pages, incorporate rich media, and make edits as needed using a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor that makes adding and editing content possible for anyone on your team!

Easily Add & Edit Pages

All content on your website can be quickly added and formatted through WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor that is as easy to use as your favorite word processing program, and is available within every module.

You don't need knowledge of HTML or code when you edit your site which saves you time and allows for immediate website update